Monitor Yourself

Put yourself in control. You can setup the CheckOnMe Plus Service so that you can monitor yourself to the degree you choose. In the event of an out-of-control situation where you are no longer able to acknowledge the Service request, it can send your uploaded text messages and emails to your designated recipients. In addition, for a nominal fee you can activate the "Last Known Location" feature where your location can be sent with your text messages.

Registered Subscriber

If you are a registered Subscriber and want to Acknowledge a Notification or simply manage your account, you can click here to transfer to the login page. 

Peace of Mind

Give your friends and family peace of mind only when you need to, no need for excess posting with today’s monitoring applications. Notify them or anyone, only when YOU need to.

Secure Information

We all have some information that we like to keep close to our hearts and do not want to share until we absolutely have to. These might be simple things that we consider valuable but could greatly help our loved ones when we are no longer around.

Where to get the APP

iPhone users can download CheckOnMe Plus from Itunes today!

Android users can download The CheckOnMe Plus Application from the Google Play Store today!

Schedule Unattended Messages

While on trips or if you just need to send a message at a later time, you can schedule the Service to send any message at any time even if you are not personally available to do so.

Messaging and Texting

The CheckOnMe Plus Service will send messages and texts even if your phone is damaged or there is no phone service where you are. By not responding to a Check On request, the Service will wait until the expiration of your designated grace period for the text message before sending it. This provides the subscriber the ability of notifying others of their intended location and can ask for help even if they are unable to communicate. For a nominal fee, the Subscriber can activate the "Last Known Location" feature where the Subscriber last location is also sent with the text messages. Subscribers can pause the Service for a period when he/she is aware that they will be in an area (on flights, etc.) where they cannot acknowledge the Check On request